Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ledger Art Drawings Pins Earrings Necklace

History: During the 19th century, Indians of the Apache, Cheyenne, Sioux (Lakota), Kiowa and other tribes of the Great Plains were deprived of all traditional and cultural ways of life. Being very adaptable our ancestors created art in the traditional record keeping method what is called today pictographs. These pictographs were historic, symbolic and visionary records of events that occurred. The available materials for this were discarded ledger books. Ledger art or ledger drawings are highly recognized and represented in most major art museums around the world today.

Symbolism: Some of the Ledger Art drawings are records of important visions and dreams, often depicting spirits or mystical beings. Some are records of important battles. Some are records of unusual heroic and significant events. (The one I love the most is of a woman who kills two enemies simultaneously.) Our history and spiritual power is recorded in these Ledger Drawings. They are of utmost importance to all of us, Indian or non-Indian. “Lest we forget”. It is for this reason that I was inspired to create these earrings, necklaces and pins. Bless us all for our new found compassion, forgiveness and bravery in a new world.

Artist: Paula Bidwell of Native Talisman Art is an American Indian artist, jeweler and author. She is also considered an Indigenous Healer and spent many years on the reservation learning traditional healing and ceremony. She combines being an artist and indigenous healer into her art. Paula believes strongly that we are all related and there is very little separation between us. Her art resonates with all cultures and peoples.


Robin Hartman said...

Thanks for commenting on my Christmas traditions blog post. The little Christmas tree was made by my son in preschool. They stuck a pinecone in a cupcake holder full of plaster of paris. After the plaster of paris dried, the kids painted their pinecone green and decorated with glitter. It's my favorite tree and we put it out every year.

jasmoon-butterfly said...

beautiful! x

Kim said...

You have wonderful jewelry. Such an interesting blend of Native American and Celtic! I really like it.