Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prosperity and Abundance Money Jewelry Based on Spiritual Principles and Native American Vision

The idea for these pieces of jewelry came to me in a vision during a Native American healing ceremony. I was thinking and praying that the poverty concepts I’ve held onto for so long would be eliminated from my life. I prayed to bring in the qualities of abundance and prosperity. At the end of my prayer, I sat in peace and stillness for a few moments. I had my eyes closed. When I opened them, I saw the Prosperity pendant in the center of the ceremony altar. I heard a voice tell me to make these pieces of jewelry and to wear them. Then make more to share with everyone.

At first, I wasn't convinced that jewelry would help me change my attitudes toward money. But because it came through a vision during ceremony, I figured there was a fairly good chance for success. (I am such a doubter!!!)

Anyway, since the pendant is lightweight and comfortable, I wore it to sleep one night. My dreams were a little more interesting than usual. So, I decided to do it for several nights. After awhile I noticed my general fears about money and finances had definitely lessened. My thinking was more about abundance, prosperity and a healthy and generous life.
One day I went grocery shopping, my list was really long, and I wondered whether I had enough money to make all the purchases. I wasn't stressed over this as I usually would be. Interestingly, at the end of checkout, my cost was way less than I had anticipated. I thought I knew pretty much the cost of everything and was aware that prices were rising, yet my total was unbelievably small. Coincidence? Delusion? Who knows?

I'm still wearing the dollar bill necklace as a constant reminder that I have plenty of money. It is also a reminder to my conscious and subconscious mind that there is money on me and around me! I love these pendant necklaces and find I feel very empowered, as if anything is possible, when I wear them. Am thinking my next step might be to make on with a twenty dollar bill in it and then make one with a hundred dollar bill! O.K., so I'm not really ready for the hundred dollar bill, but it's a great idea to move toward.

My most sincere wishes and blessings to all, Paula

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