Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Amethyst - The Talking Stone

Amethyst sends a voice out into the universe. Whatever you’re feeling and thinking, Amethyst will translate and send. This stone is especially good for people using mantras and the Secret or Law of Attraction. Use this stone carefully, whatever you think and feel, it will send and the Universe will manifest.

Wear it in a medicine bag or in a piece of jewelry. Or use it as a meditation tool to focus your sight on. Although, I caution whatever way you use it, use it only on days and times when you are focused. It is best to use in an uncut, unpolished, raw form. The “voice” in it’s natural state is clearer and louder with more force and power.

There are sounds and/or songs that resonate with every crystal, stone, rock or mineral. To find the tonal vibrations, hold and/or look at the stone in a meditative state and wait for a tingling sensation in your stomach (2nd chakra) around your navel. When the tingling begins, without thinking, open your voice and let the sound(s) or song come out. It’s a good idea to have a voice recorder, such as tape or digital . Since you are in a meditative state sometimes it’s hard to remember the earthly stuff.

After you have the sound or song that goes with your stone use it every time you use the stone. It will awaken the stone, especially if it hasn’t been used in a long time. Also, the sounds or song will help the stone focus on you, and not on other transmissions and interferences that may be in your environment. Living in a crowded environment like a city or apartment complex can buffer your intent because of so many other intentions in close proximity. Use the song to eliminate these interferences.

How do I know that? During my early training in the ceremonial ways of the Lakota, I found a particularly rare rock. My teachers taught me how to retrieve the song that belonged to it. I have used this teaching for every stone that comes to me. The method for doing this is basically described above, waiting for the tingling in your stomach navel area and then letting the sound out.

I was also taught several ways to talk with the “rocks”. Some rocks have ears, some have mouths, some you can put to your ear and hear a buzzing sound. Sometimes it takes years to learn how to work with a particular stone. Stones have a very different sense of time. Consider that they are the first living beings on the planet. Each one is eons old. Some of you may know the Lakota word “Tunkasila”, which is generally translated as “grandfather”, but the original word means “very ancient rock”. It was an analogy for the Creator, Ancient Mystery, God, etc. There’s a lot of wisdom and power in that. So, take your time. Make sure you get something authentic and not a creation of wishful thinking. I waited seven years for one particular rock’s song. And then it came out with so many songs, I couldn’t remember them all. Each song was for a particular healing modality. My teachers say that each of those songs is in my heart and I will remember them when the time comes.

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